After I register how long will it take for my pet to appear on the website?

Normally within 15 working days but can take longer due to Covid regulations and bank holidays. We will email you on the day your pet’s portfolio goes live!

Can anybody join?

Yes, we believe that all pets are fabulous and many people have stars on their sofas!

You need to be at least 18 and able to drive. You cannot rely on public transport as most of these filming job will start very early in the morning – you need a car.

The animals need to be owned by you or your family and your name needs to be on vaccination cards.

Copies of vaccination and booster cards are required before any model can work.

Can we register more than one dog or cat?

Yes, the more the merrier!

Does it cost anything?

There is a one-off administration fee to help cover the costs of creating your pet’s portfolio and maintenance. Other agencies are charging ‘annual’ registration fees, so we are genuinely value for money.

If your pet gets no work within two years of registration date they will be removed from the site.

Do I need to take professional photographs?

Professional photos are not necessary. You can take them yourself with a good camera. Practice and you’ll get some unusual shots.

The perfect dimensions for photos are 1644 pixels wide by 900 pixels high. If you don’t have the software to resize you photos, you can use something like www.picresize.com which is FREE and very easy to use. It takes seconds to do! The Featured thumbnail image needs to be 245 pixels square. There is a hard limit on the maximum file size which cannot go over 5mb, this is to ensure the site remains at top performance for agencies to view our models.

How likely is my Dog/Cat to get work?

We will endeavour to bring your star to the attention of the right people at the right time but there are no guarantees – we can only try our best for you.

Does it matter if my pet is a cross breed?

No. We need dogs and cats of every description including those which are slightly unconventional!! Our clients ask for everything from cross-breeds and moggies to Crufts exhibits and posh cats!

How much will we get paid?

Fees vary from job to job but you can expect an average of anything between £300 and £500 per day.

Do we get paid for travelling?

Sometimes, this will depend on the job or assignment.

Will this make us rich?

Not very likely but you will be paid a good daily rate for the work done.

How will we know what to do?

We get to know all our owners and animals over time and will be aware of what kind of things you can and cannot do.

We will check out everything with you regarding what the job entails and you will be fully briefed about requirements and times. Our clients will guide you through the process and tell you what they require of your dog/cat.

How many jobs will we get?

Could be one, ten or none! It all depends on what our clients are looking for. Your pet’s portfolio pictures on the site are your shop window and these needs to compete on the page. They need to stand out!

Sadly, due to our volume and work and for the sake of expedience, we cannot inform you every time we suggest your pet for a job but rest assured, once you have registered your pets with us, you will automatically be considered when a suitable job comes in but you will only hear from us if you are short-listed or are successful in getting the job.