Is Your Pet Our Next Star?

We are always looking for new talent!

All animals seen on TV, Film and in Magazines and newspapers are somebody’s beloved pet. You can now give your dog or cat a shot at stardom with Dog & Cat Models UK by simply registering your details and pet photos. Your pet will then appear on our website with its own unique portfolio page as part of the impressive Dog & Cat Models UK Model Team. These portfolios are constantly viewed by top TV producers, Film directors, advert makers, agents, photographers, Magazine editors and anybody else wishing to cast a new four-legged Superstar.

Registration is quick and easy. Once we’ve created your pet’s online portfolio you stand the same chance of getting work as anybody else. We never know, from day to day, what will be required and that makes it very exciting for us all at Dog & Cat Models UK.

Your dog or cat can be any breed, any colour, Pedigree or mixed breed. Your portfolio will display all details of your pet including any tricks or funny character traits that make your pet one of a kind! You can include up six photos of your pet and these are VERY important in marketing your potential star successfully. The better the shots, the better your chance of being selected!

However, you don’t need to use a professional photographer – many people have provided fantastic photos using their phone or digital camera! Please look at the photos of our models already on the website and make sure your pet’s shots will be able to grab attention on the page! We cannot stress enough how good photos could enhance your work opportunities and social media membership to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – showing your star in live action – will also enhance your success.

Some Important Guidelines

We all love our pets and naturally think they are the best in the world – but not all dogs and cats are suited to working as models. Your pet needs to be friendly and confident and have basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘down’ etc. The more they can do, the better! However, some jobs might simply require a cute dog or cat to be held by models in fashion shoots for example.

If your pet has ever been aggressive or is nervous, it will not be suitable for the demands of a pet model. Your pet should be in good condition, fit and healthy and well groomed. All models need to be up to date with vaccinations/boosters and no puppies can work until they are at least 12 weeks old. You will need to provide proof if chosen for work. As the owner/handler you will need your own transport and suitable pet carriers/cages for travel and use on the shoot.

Booking conditions including fees vary from job to job, no two are ever the same, and these will be discussed/agreed with you prior to any booking confirmation.

Since our inception almost 8 years ago we have been one of the very few agencies offering free registration and membership. However, due to the overwhelming demand from pet owners wishing to join us, we are now need to charge a small one-off Membership Fee to cover administration costs involved in creating your pet’s portfolio and maintaining it. If your pet gets no work within two years from date of registration they will be removed from the site. Many other agencies charge an annual registration fee, so we feel we are offering good value for money!

If you have registered previously under the free registration system and were not successful, this does not mean that your pet was unsuitable. We’ve quite simply been inundated with membership requests, so please try again. We have increased our staff for the very purpose of processing new registrations and hope that the new system will attract people who are genuinely interested and committed to this opportunity.

Our Dog & Cat Models UK Facebook page, which announces urgent castings, will run in the same way as ever but anybody being offered work will need to become a member and register.

Important Information About Image Copyright

If you have taken images yourself then you agree in our T’s & C’s that we can use them on the website to promote your pet. If they’re professional photos from previous work or taken by a professional photographer you will need to supply us written permission by the person/organisation who owns the copyright. Send this at the time of registration to our email address.

Priority is always given to the models we already have on our Model Team!

We only use Facebook for castings when we don’t have what a client is looking for or our registered models are unavailable.


The registration fee is £29.99. This contributes towards the costs of creating your pet’s modelling portfolio which includes resizing, cropping and otherwise enhancing your pet’s photos to ensure they’re the very best they can be!

Payment can be made at end of the registration form either by PayPal, Credit or Debit Card.

From the moment you click the button you can expect your pet’s portfolio to appear on the website within 15 working days but due to Covid can can longer at the moment. We will contact you direct if we need further information or more photos. Obviously, we cannot guarantee you work but rest assured we will do our very best for you. Once again, your photos and information supplied will be your Shop Window to the wonderful world of advertising – so make it a great one!

Please also read our FAQs and our Terms & Conditions pages. You will need to confirm you have during the registration aplication.

Best of luck from us all at Dog & Cat Models UK and wishing you every success with your beloved pets.

Important Information

Registrations for new pet models are temporarily on hold until further notice due to the current situation with Covid regulations. All registrations received before March 19th will be processed as normal but will take longer than usual due to staff shortages. We will email you when you are on the website. We apologise for any inconvenience and hope to be back to normal by the on of April.

Please come back soon to register your pet.

Registration Temporarily Suspended Comeback Soon