For Pet/Model Owners

Dog & Cat Models UK is designed to give your pets the chance of appearing in TV, Film, Adverts & other media outlets.

All personal details held are kept private and never passed to third parties. We’re committed to protecting your privacy and the information you provide is kept private and secure. Your information is only used to process your online profile. If you have any issues relating to security, please email info@dogandcatmodelsuk.com

All transactions are billed in GBP. Customer Rights are not affected by any of our terms and conditions.

Your registration fee is a one-off payment. The only limitation to our representation of your pet is that if your pet has not worked within two years from the date of registration, will will assume that for whatever reason it’s not working out and remove your listing from the website. We feel that two years is a reasonable period to assess any interest and feedback.

Every effort will be made to promote your pet’s portfolio. Obviously, we cannot guarantee modelling work but you can be sure that your pet’s photographs and portfolio details will be seen by the right people at the right time. We will be professional and actively seek modelling jobs for our models. By registering your pet for work you will be giving us permission to promote your pet for all types of modelling work in all aspects of commercial media. However, it’s impossible for us to inform you every time pet is suggested for a job but rest assured you will be considered every time a suitable job presents itself. We will contact you if you are short-listed or offered a job.

All jobs are priced individually depending on project budgets but you can generally expect anything between £300 and £500 per day per animal or we negotiate a daily or weekly rate. Travel expenses are sometimes paid depending on the nature of the specific assignment. All model fees agreed at the time of booking are in full payment for usage of your pet’s images in any formats/territories as detailed on Booking Forms. Invoices are paid usually within 30 days of assignment date. A booking form will be created for each booking and sent to you in advance which you will need to agree and sign.

Dogs & Cat Models UK reserve the right to change information on this internet site and to services described herein without notice. We reserve the right to change or modify, add or remove terms of this agreement at any time without notice. Changes can be effective immediately. Terms and conditions may be changed from time to time – whereupon the user will be deemed to accept these changes and it’s the responsibility of all users to check terms and conditions from time to time.

We reserve the right to refuse any representation with any person/persons for any reason whatsoever at our sole discretion and to withdraw any profile should the owner of the dog/cat models bring the name of Dogs & Cat Models UK into disrepute or we feel that a pet owner/handler is not suitable to represent our company on assignments.

By agreeing with the terms and conditions you also confirm that you dog/cat is in good health, is friendly and up to date with all vaccinations and boosters. Photocopies of these are required before any model can work. You also confirm that you pet is otherwise suitable for this type of work and that you are NOT with any other similar agency. All our models are exclusive to Dog & Cat Models UK.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you also confirm you are free from any criminal convictions for animal cruelty and do not appear on any registers banning you from keeping animals now or in the past.

You must have relevant permission and copyright to use the images you are uploading and through that you grant permission for us to also use the images too.

You accept responsibility for caring for your animals whilst working as you would at home – providing food and water as necessary and in line with any normal feeding routines. You also take responsibility for clearing up any mess your cat or dogs makes as you would anywhere else!

As the owner/handler you will be expected to act professionally at all times, be punctual and reliable.

From the time we receive your registration it can take up to 15 working days before your pet appears on the website but it’s usually sooner. Occasionally, it takes longer – for example due to Covid regulations, bank holidays etc. Please be patient!

Refunds on registration fees are dealt with on an individual basis and made at the sole discretion of our management team.